YooFoo - Honorable Mention at the Global Data Competition 2015

Global Data Competition 2015 The Global Data Competition officially ended last Saturday, November 21

Global Data Competition 2015

The Global Data Competition officially ended last Saturday, November 21 at the Intermountain Big Data conference in Salt Lake City.  The top scoring people and teams in the Intermountain West were recognized at the event which was held on the University of Utah campus and prizes were awarded.  Participants in other regions of the world will be recognized in their regions.

Phase 1:

Jianmin Sun

Justin Peel

Team Neureal

  + Wil Bown

  + Pradeep Ramachandran

  + Brian Sewell

  + Arno Candel

  + Martin Bammes

  It is important to recognize that Phase 1 wouldn’t have happened without Ben Taylor who contributed many, many hours to create the Mars Volcano problem.  Ben also provided the leaderboard site where the submissions were scored.

Phase 2:

Team “Captain Paul’s R-eality”

  + Paul Ricci

  + James Lohse

  + Nikki Pontsler

  + Jackson Pontlser

  + Nimesh Jha

  At the awards ceremony, Team “Captain Paul’s R-eality” said a few words about how important it is to have a diverse team to provide real world solutions.  They also made a point of highlighting the excellent data mining and statistics work of Paul Ricci.  Paul is an R expert and also spoke at the conference on Presenting Statistics in Social Media.

  I understand that Paul is working with Nick Baguley to find a new career opportunity, so contact Nick right away if you are looking for a solid data scientist to join your team.  First come, first served!  :^)

  In addition to other prizes, team “Captain Paul’s R-eality” was awarded a Pico cluster – a miniaturized yet powerful Hadoop cluster made from Raspberry Pi nodes that you can hold in your hands.

  Of course the real backbone of the Global Data Competition are our dignitaries – the Ambassadors and Consuls that provide data science leadership around the globe.  The competition would not have been successful without each of you being willing to contribute your time and making international connections.  Thank you very, very much!

  Each of the dignitaries provided valuable contributions in many different ways.  At the risk of omitting significant contributions, here are some major highlights of accomplishments.

  The goal of the competition is to help people learn more about data science, and to help people make friends and connections with other data scientists worldwide.  We had participants from every continent except Antarctica (we need to work on that one for next year :^).  Each of the regions was awarded colored achievement badges which are displayed in the Embassy:


Leadership: Region has both an Ambassador and Consul


Participation: Competitor has registered in the region


Phase 1: Competitor in the region participated in Phase 1


Phase 2: Competitor in the region participated in Phase 2


Honorable Mention: Extraordinary action by a dignitary


  The following individuals are awarded an Honorable Mention:

  Jeff Boonmee, CEO at YooFoo.com, is awarded an Honorable Mention for providing leadership in more than one region (Greater India and South East Asia). Participation in the Greater India region ranked second overall – only beat by the Intermountain West region.

  Bill Yetman, VP at Ancestry, is awarded an Honorable Mention for increasing participation in a region other than his own.  Bill, the Ambassador for the West Coast North America region, contacted his Director of Data Science friend at the New College of Florida and then passed the tip to Prachi Vora, Data Engineer at Think Big and the Consul for the Southeast US region.  The New College of Florida Team participated in Phase 1 and their submission predicted Mars Volcanos with an accuracy of 84.3%.

  Doug Tharp , Data Analytics Consultant and Consul for the Continental Europe region, is awarded an Honorable Mention for creating a powerful communication network through Europe.  In addition to other communication efforts, Doug connected with the Head of Events at Dataconomy Media, a large marketing agency in Berlin.  Due in significant part to Doug’s efforts, participation in the Continental Europe region ranked third overall.  

  Joel Smith, CEO and founder of Accelerant, is awarded TWO Honorable Mentions.  The first is for providing leadership in more than one region (Scandinavia and Australia Pacific).  The second is for establishing leadership in a region other than his own by reaching out to Jim Banister who agreed to be the Consul for the Central Europe region.

  Pat Wright, Director of Data Management at MaritzCX and President of Utah Geek Events, is awarded an Honorable Mention for providing leadership in the region with the most participation.  Participation in the Intermountain North America region was more than double any other region worldwide.  Pat’s leadership is helping to establish Utah as one of the most significant Big Data locations on the planet.