MeteorJs – The magical evolution of technology

About couple of months ago I heard of MeteorJs. I started investigating on this and it became a neve

About couple of months ago I heard of MeteorJs. I started investigating on this and it became a never ending process. I loved this technology because I had a dream of writing code only in Javascript and Html. Found it a bit difficult at the beginning but was interesting to learn too. Believe me for the people who are unaware of this technology, its nothing less than a magic. As soon as database is updated page gets updated without refreshing the page within fraction of seconds.

What is MeteorJs?

It is the environment to build highly reactive and fast websites. It is a self-containing bundle of packages. And a meteor command line tool.

Why to use MeteorJs?

I would like to mention top 5 reasons of why meteor should be used to develop an application:

  1. You can develop with just one language One of the main frustrating fact of a developer is that he has to wear variety of hats. E.g: If you are a .net developer then you should switch yourself to javascript, .net and database again and again which becomes a headache. Instead meteor provides single side management i.e. just look at your javascript no matter whether you are dealing with the server or a client.

  2. You can save your time with the built in smart packages provided by MeteorJs e. g. meteor add accounts-password - This adds a smart account system which expect you to save your email and password. In case if you would want to let your user sign up with their social accounts, you can do that happily by just adding the packages of Meteor built for twitter and facebook.

  3. Community support is pretty good. If you get any issue or you want any kind of help from the meteor development team, you will definitely get it. Moreover detailed documentation of basics as well as advanced concepts is available which gives you the ease of understanding and learning. Detailed documentation is available at:

  4. Its optimized for developer happiness Meteor framework markets itself as a better and more enjoyable way to work. What I appreciate though is Meteor’s promise of optimizing for developer happiness. E.g.

     <title>Hello world</title>
     {{> myTemplate}}

    <template name=" myTemplate ">
     <p>Hello world.</p>

    But notice that:

    We haven’t included the <html>tag. 
    We haven’t included any CSS files. 
    We haven’t included any JavaScript files.

    …and that’s because we don’t need to do these things since Meteor takes care of them for us. Is this the most significant feature in the world? Nope. But it’s indicative of Meteor’s interest in making every developer’s life that little bit easier at every turn.

    Isn’t it cool?

  5. Ahead of technical curve The framework is so good that it allows real time web applications to be built very quickly.

    Your project requirement is everything which defines the right technology choice for it, but every developer must spend a day or two on meteor. I am sure, once you start playing with it and see the magic it does you would definitely want to use it in your next project.